In the end, this is what really matters. Here are a few words from clients and colleagues

Client Recommendations

“Johnny Helms helped my company build a complex web site that incorporated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts to increase visibiliity across all search engines. This effort resulted in a 700% increase in web traffic to our site and an increase of 300% in quallfied leads generated by the web experience.

Johnny developed the site concept, personally selected the graphics and art-work, and programmed/created the site. All of this was done on time and on budget.”

Michael Hawkins, Virtual Premise

“I have worked with Johnny on several web design projects throughout the years, and each time the results are better than my expectations. Johnny is extremely talented, creative and truely a joy to work with. His contribution on projects goes beyond just design. His insight on usability is great, and he is never afraid to go the extra mile to deliver a good user experience.”

Brian Beckham, Chief Solution Architect, BrainJocks

“I first met Johnny in 2001 and have seen his skills develop in multiple areas. Johnny is not only creative, but technical which puts his a unique category in the industry. The best attribute about Johnny is his humor and confidence. Nothing stresses him out. I can't say enough good things about Johnny, once you meet and work with him you'll understand.”

Raj Choudhury, Vice President, Business Solutions, Spunlogic

“I've known Johnny for many years and have always thought he was at the top of creative talent, particularly in the digital space. He's one of the few that really "gets" the space and is able to create experiences on the web that move people.

I'd recommend Johnny to anyone that is looking for a creative powerhouse to add to their company. You're not going to find many like him.”

Jeff Hilimire, President & Co-founder, Spunlogic

“Johnny has been doing creative work for my company since 2001, and has always delivered fantastic work!! He is creative, fun to work with, delivers amazing final products, and always bring interesting ideas and angles to a project. Enjoy working with him!!

Susan Daw, Director

“Johnny Helms continues to impress me with his keen acumen on the intricacies and synergies of design, marketing and technology. From concept to delivery, I have observed Johnny as he devised and directed sustainable marketing initiatives, converting otherwise vague concepts into powerful, durable and connecting brands. Johnny challenges leaders to think beyond their subjective ideas by delivering customer-centered solutions. I appreciate his rare fervor for excellence.” April 10, 2009

David Cooper, Principal, The Cooper Group, Inc.

“I've worked with Johnny on several web design projects. Each one has been a success, but in particular, each one has been an enjoyable experience. Johnny has the rare gift of putting people at ease with both his demeanor and his talent. I strongly recommend working with Johnny; he's a good person.”

Steve Zwonitzer,

“Johnny is amazing across the board. Great guy, very nice, extremely talented. I absolutely recommend him.”

Gene Kansas,

Colleague Recommendations

“Johnny Helms has continued to surprise me over the 10+ years of Think Monster with his growth and sensibility towards design, his knack for problem solving (no matter the technical hurdle), his ability to manage clients expectations and projects with a service that is so personal that it even over shadows the fantastic results of projects and most importantly his support and leadership within our firm.

I can only hope that I may work with people half as talented, caring and supportive as Johnny in the future and that our relationship continues to grow professionally and personally until our final days.

Wade Forst, President, Think Monster

“I had the pleasure of working with Johnny for two years. Johnny is able to wear multiple hats within a design firm, and make it look easy. He has the ability to take a project from end to end, including concepting, design, print and web production and project management. Johnny is even-keeled and methodical in his process, and is incredibly dependable.”

James Witcher, Senior Designer, Think Monster


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